Are You Tired of Wasting Your Precious Time and Money on Content? Here’s an Opportunity for SMART Marketers and Content Creators to Get All the Quality Content Ever Needed Without Even Writing a Single Word From Scratch…


“Who Else Wants To Grab Unlimited Access To Over 230,000+ Pre-Written, Quality PLR License Content That You Can Use To Attract Customers, Promote Your Business, And Generate Income?”


Content, Content, Everyone Screams CONTENT!


Here’s your opportunity to download unlimited content at the click of a button, brand as your own and rake in the profits!


Dear Marketer,

As a marketer, you’ve no doubt discovered that you need a ton of high-quality content to keep your business thriving.

You need content for blog posts, guest blogging, newsletters, forum posts, social media sites – and that’s just the tip of the content iceberg!

But there are two problems:


You can’t do it all yourself. There are only 24 hours in a day. You could churn out buckets of content nearly every day and still not have enough. Certainly, you wouldn’t have time to do anything else if all you did was write content!


Hiring a ghostwriter is expensive. Have you shopped around lately? Good content is expensive. It may be worth every penny, but you just don’t have that kind of a budget right now.


It’s discouraging. And it makes you feel like maybe you just have to settle for less content, which means growing your business slowly.

Until now. Because…


“Done-For-You” content (known as PLR) is your answer!


You’ve probably heard of PLR content before. But maybe you really don’t know what it is.


What is PLR Content?


PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’, sometimes referred to as ‘White Label Rights’ which basically means you get all rights to use the content as you choose. PLR content is a pre-written content that someone else has written but you are allowed to copy/paste it into your site, edit it, and publish it as your own. It’s content that a writer or marketer creates and sells to their customers.

And for our purposes, we’re talking about private label rights content. This could be articles, short reports, ebooks, emails, videos, audio recordings, music etc.

With PLR, you can use the content as your own and post it online on your website, blog as if you wrote it yourself. You’re free to edit or change the content if you like. You can even add your own thoughts and opinions if you want to. In fact, you really should personalize the content to stand out from the crowd. We love it when you add your own thoughts, ideas, perspective, and experience into the articles. It’s a great starting point to create your own unique content or even fill in the gaps in your existing or new content.

It’s up to you.

You can modify the PLR content, give it away or resell it as long as you stay with the terms of the license.


PLR content is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Create quality content even when you have zero time
  • Work smarter and not harder
  • Work on your business and not in your business
  • Be the CEO of your business


The problem with content creation is that most business owners don’t have the time or skills to write content… They simply hate the process of writing them.

Creating an expertly researched, professionally written ‘content’ is not easy.

But don’t worry…

You don’t have to write the content yourself, we’ve already done it for you!



“ContentChoices DFY Content Club”


Finally, Endless Supply of Content for Your Blog, Ebooks, Email Newsletters, and More… You Too Can Save Time, Money, and Effort on Content Creation and Start Building Your Business.


Discover & grab access to the massive library of 230,000+ (and growing!) done-for-you PLR content database that you can sell, rewrite and use for your business.


ContentChoices DFY Content Club Membership


Stop Working So Hard…

Never Write From Scratch Again!


Now you too can grow your reach, build loyal customers and stop worrying about constant content creation. You too can get unlimited high-quality content at the click of your button!

How is this possible?

Simple: You just purchase access to this high-quality content database of over 230,000+ PLR articles!

You see, using PLR content SAVES YOU TIME. Either you use it as-is (no work required!) or you spend just a minute or two tweaking each article. Either way, in minutes you’ll own the rights to use 1,000’s of high-quality content. You can even put your name as the author!

The other big benefit is that it SAVES YOU MONEY. If you hired a ghostwriter to create these content, you’d pay at thousands of $$$. But claim your PLR license today and you get the same high-quality articles at just a fraction of the price!


ContentChoices What You Get


These articles are sure to impress your subscribers, prospects and customers. Here’s what’s included:

  • ContentChoices club membership gives you access to 230,000+ (and growing!) high quality, value-packed articles that you can use any way you want.
  • You will get access to an amazing ‘Google-Like’ search engine that would allow you to insert your target keyword, hit “SEARCH” and the system will instantly deliver HUNDREDS of ready-to-publish content.
  • You can search our massive database, preview the articles, download them, AND use the content without any restriction for your business.
  • These articles are checked (grammar and spelling), comes with total word count and no duplicates.
  • It’s an online based content search engine that you can use it on a MAC or PC and access it from ANYWHERE in the world.
  • You will get access to all future database updates. We add over ‘500+’ brand NEW articles every month into our database in ’25+’ niche markets that are hot and in-demand.
  • You own the rights to any article you download. As a member you own the Private Label Rights (PLR) to any of our articles you download. This means you can sell the article and keep all profits, modify the article any way you want, or claim the article as your own work (even if you don’t change a single word).
  • This is a lifetime subscription offer and you will never be charged or asked a single penny to access and download our article database if you join today. We will probably start charging a monthly fee in the future to all the new members.


Just take a look at some of the topics in this MASSIVE database of private label rights content.


Example Article Topics


Arts & Entertainment
– Celebrities, Humanities, Humor, Movies, Music, Photograph, Poetry and much more…

– Advertising, Careers, Customer Service, Entrepreneurs, Ethics, Home Based Business, Management, Marketing, Networking, Public Relations, Sales, Small Business and much more…

Computers & Technology
– Communications, Computer, Certification, Data Recovery, Games, Hardware, Home Entertainment, Mobile Av, Networks, Software, Web Development and much more…

– Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes and much more…

– Credit, Currency, Trading, Debt, Debt Consolidation, Fund Raising, Insurance, Investing, Leasing, Loans, Mortgage, Mutual Funds, Personal Finance, Real Estate, Stock Market, Taxer, Wealth Building and much more…

Food & Beverage
– Coffee, Cooking, Gourmet, Recipes, Wine and much more…

Health & Fitness
– Acne, Alternative Medicine, Beauty, Cardio, Depression, Diabetes, Disease & Illness, Exercise, Fitness Equipment, Hair Loss, Medicine, Meditation, Men’s Issues, Muscle Building, Nutrition, Supplements, Weight Loss, Women’s Issues, Yoga and much more…

Home & Family
– Babies, Crafts, Elderly Care, Gardening, Hobbies, Holidays, Home Improvement, Home Security, Interior Design, Landscaping, Parenting, Pets, Pregnancy and much more…

Internet Business
– Affiliate Programs, Article Marketing, Auctions, Audio-Video Streaming, Blogging, Domains, Ebooks, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Ezine Marketing, Ezine Publishing, Forums, Internet Marketing, Podcasts, PPC Advertising, Rss, Security, SEO, Site Promotion, Spam, Traffic Generation, Web Design, Web Hosting and much more…

Product Reviews
– Book Reviews, Consumer Electronics, Digital Products, Movie Reviews, Music Reviews and much more…

Recreation Sports
– Biking, Extreme, Fishing, Gambling, Casinos, Golf, Hunting, Martial Arts, Running, Tennis and much more…

Reference Education
– Adult, College, Environmental, Home Schooling, K-12 Education, Language, Legal, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Sociology, Weather and much more…

Self Improvement
– Attraction, Coaching, Creativity, Goal Settings, Grief, Happiness, Innovation, Inspirational, Leadership, Motivation, Organizing, Spirituality, Stress Management, Success, Time Management and much more…

– Dating, Divorce, Marriage, Politics, Relationships, Religion, Sexuality, Weddings and much more…

Travel Leisure
– Aviation, Boating, Cruises, Destinations, Outdoors, Travel Tips, Vacations and much more…

– Boats, Cars, Motorcycles, RVs, Trucks/SUVs and much more…

Writing & Speaking
– Article Writing, Book Marketing, Copywriting, Public Speaking, Writing and much more…


This is arguably one of the largest collections of pre-written content ever put together. Just think of the possibilities…


Search Through Our Database! (Live Search)

Click here to find the number of articles found inside our database for any keyword.



How Does ContentChoices Club Membership Works?


Click PLAY & Turn Up Your Speakers




It’s easy to start,


Step 1Create an account
Registration is easy and just takes a few minutes. Register one time and gain access to 230,000+ (and growing!) PLR articles for life.


Step 2

Find an article on your target keyword
Browse around the site for content ideas or do an advanced search for exactly what you’re looking for. By using our search function, you can cut through the articles that “don’t quite fit” what you need and zero in on the PLR articles that will be most useful for you.


Step 3

Download your article
Download what you need, when you need it. You will have full download access to every individual article from our database of over 230,000+ PLR articles. The PLR rights are yours as soon as you download the content.


Step 4

Attract customers, promote your business, and generate income
Use any article as a whole, split it up into multiple pieces, or rewrite it as you see fit. Use the content to create blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, ebooks, reports, or anything else to help attract more customers and sell more products. Brand, tweak and sell these content as your own. No royalties or extra fees.



What Can You Do With Done-For-You PLR Content To Grow Your Business?


Actually, a lot. Whatever you dream up, including…



There are MANY ways to use PLR content. Here are just a few ways to profit from PLR included below…


  • Edit the content
    You may edit the content included inside the database. You can add more information, extract information, combine it with other information and create your own original info-products to sell. Extract articles, create rebrandable reports, blog posts, autoresponder mailings and so much more.


  • Record the information and sell it
    Another idea is to record yourself (or hire a professional) reading the content and create your own .mp3 audio products to sell online as a premium product. Or, create your own physical products.


  • Add the content to a membership site
    The content in this package is full of useful information. Any of it would be a valued asset in a marketing or business membership site. You can have years of content ready to add week after week.


  • Create an online ecoaching program
    Incorporate these materials as part of a coaching program or e-class as handouts or supplements, or use them as the backbone of the information you share in your ecoaching program. Make a few “assignments” based around these, and you’d have a high-ticket offer in place.


  • Host a webinar
    Use the content in this package as a starting point for a webinar or teleseminar. This would include both free calls to use as lead generators to sell other offers or as featured paid events to generate revenue.


  • Host a live seminar in your community
    Contact your local Chamber of Commerce. Put together a seminar and teach marketing tactics, using these documents as your training materials. Charge $100 or more per seat and host a seminar each month.


  • Niche them up!
    Edit these for any industry you’re in. Customize them for your readers. There is a lot of information here that can be custom-tailored to non-marketing communities for fresh offers.


And that’s just the beginning. Make sure to check out our shortlist of 52 ways to quickly use PLR content…




What Our Customers Say About ContentChoices Membership


I absolutely loved the ContentChoices Club membership! They have the most complete and well-written PLR articles you will ever find on the internet. Using the content available on the membership I was able to develop new content for my new website. This product has been my go-to source for quality content on several sites.

It works together with other products giving you the best results possible. I strongly recommend this membership to writers, bloggers, and everyone else who need quality content. ~ Noah A.


I recently started into affiliate marketing and ContentChoices DFY Content Club membership have become my secret weapon.

I was struggling to create quality content for my websites before but the game has now been changed. This PLR content membership has an unbelievable article database with thousands of high-quality pre-written content that I quickly use to manually re-write or simply spin them and post to my affiliate websites.

You can use these content with any spinning software and save a lot of article creation time. It simply couldn’t get any better than this. Thanks for creating such a great membership site. ~ Mia K.


I’ve been into online marketing space for some years now and still struggle to create content. It is very expensive to outsource content creation and writing them on my own takes too much of my time. But now with ContentChoices Club membership, I’ve access to an enormous list of quality content that I need. It’s simply overwhelming and comforting at the same time knowing that I no longer need to worry about how to and what to write for my blogs anymore.

I cannot recommend ContentChoices Club highly enough. ~ Logan S.


I just love ContentChoices DFY Content Club! I was really surprised to find thousands of content on my niche. It really helped me grow my blogs and articles and more. This is a must-have product for every marketer out there. Highly Recommended!! ~ Charlotte P.


I truly love ContentChoices membership! It has helped me to generate new ideas for articles and other content for my new website. I was really surprised with not only the volume of available content in my specialized niche but also with the quality of the content as well.

I am very happy that I found this product. I highly recommend ContentChoices Club membership! It saves you time and money. ~ Mason D.





This is the ONLY Solution That Will Give You Access to Thousands of High-Quality Articles…


If you’ve been looking for a way to grow your online niche markets, or ramp up your own content production, ‘ContentChoices DFY Content Club’ membership will give you the tools you need. This membership site is so comprehensive, it can replace your other outsourcing/research requirements entirely, freeing up TIME and MONEY so that you can create content in record time!


Membership Benefits At-A-Glance

When you sign up for ContentChoices club membership, you gain numerous benefits that can help you grow your business, increase profits and reduce the time and money you spend on content for your site. Among these many benefits are:

  • Streamlined content production. Create newsletters, blog posts, ebooks and more without having to spend a lot of time and effort researching and writing new content.
  • Extensive resource selection. You will have access to hundreds of thousands of PLR articles right from the start to use for building your online business.
  • Full PLR rights. Use the articles however you wish, in the way the benefits your business most.
  • Ease of Use. We made sure our article database is simple to use. With integrated search and browse functionality, you’ll always have access to the topics you need.
  • Worldwide availability. Work from home, or out on the beach – as long as you have an internet connection, you have full access to these articles.
  • Phenomenal support. We’ve built a community around helping you succeed. Take advantage of the expertise and experience of others in your field.
  • Incredible savings. Get all of your content needs met for one low fee.
  • Unlimited access. You have full access to all of our content month after month, no limits and no restrictions.
  • No long-term commitment required. We don’t lock you into a monthly or yearly contract. With an easy LIFETIME membership one time fee, you get it all!
  • Build your business on your terms. Isn’t it time you took charge of your online business and content management? With our system, you are free to use these articles to build as much content as you wish.

The bottom line: No other PLR articles site gives you so much value for your money.


At the current sale price for “All Access Pass” to this membership service, you can’t pass it up. You’ll never find an membership like this or as complete as this anywhere else.

And just to sweeten the pot…


ContentChoices Existing Bonus Offer


How To R.E.W.R.I.T.E. A PLR Article

BONUS #1 – How To R.E.W.R.I.T.E. A PLR Article

$67 Value


This is a must-have ‘premium’ training manual if you want to learn how to effectively use PLR content and dominate your niche. Once you know how to use PLR content, you’ll be able to churn out good, quality content faster and for less cost than your competitors. And that means you can drive in traffic fast, build a bigger list and make more money!

Here’s what you will learn,

  • How to take the “least of all PLR” and turn it into a promotional machine that advertises your business for you at absolutely no cost.
  • You’ll learn easy methods for taking stock PLR articles (I’m guessing you have dozens and maybe even hundreds of them on your computer — you can buy them for as little as a nickel apiece!), rewriting them and then setting them in motion through dozens of DIFFERENT KINDS of distribution channels.
  • A simple 7-step plan for rewriting PLR articles to make them your own original content.
  • Dozens of PLR rewrite examples literally *showing* you a myriad of ways to tweak PLR content to make it truly yours.
  • More than 2 dozen different ways to put those articles to work bringing you traffic, subscribers and sales.
  • Surprisingly easy methods of breathing new life into tired and lame “junk” PLR content … learn to salvage that useless content that you spent money on and actually profit from it.
  • And much more…

It comes with a downloadable PDF file, professionally designed visual process maps, accessory checklists and worksheets and extra enhancement supplemental materials.


Big Content Goldmine

BONUS #2 – Big Content Goldmine PLR Articles Package

$497 Value


In addition to our already massive online article database, you will also get special download access to the #1 seller ‘Big Content Goldmine’ content package. Here’s what’s included in the package:

  • Access to a collection of 236,000+ high-quality done-for-you content with private label rights.
  • Over 1,170+ Niches.
  • No duplicates.
  • All articles are checked (grammar and spelling).
  • Almost all of these articles come with word count, keyword selection, and a summary.
  • Content is categorized by the niche.
  • Articles are in .txt files.
  • Packed in .zip file and over 443MB file size.


We will provide you with a special software tool that helps you search the content inside of ‘Big Content Goldmine’ package and find the exact content fast and easy using your target keyword right on your PC or Mac.

Note: The content found inside ‘Big Content Goldmine’ is completely different from ‘ContentChoices DFY Content Club’ membership service.


Wordpress Bulk Article Importer

BONUS #3 – WordPress Bulk Article Importer Plugin

$67 Value


This is a must-have WordPress plugin that instantly fills up your blogs with article content in seconds with 1-click. Now you can easily bulk import and schedule hundreds and thousands of text articles into your blog automatically at one go.

How it works:

  • Upload and activate the WordPress plugin
  • Upload a zip file containing the articles inside of your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Select the import settings and click “Process Articles” button and it’s done. The importing process happens in the background. You can import even more articles if you want, or exit your browser.

Here are some of the import settings,

  • Set the date and time to start posting.
  • Interval to post, set how many hours to publish in between posts.
  • Set author for these articles.
  • Set a category for these articles.
  • Set article status whether you want them published, scheduled, or as a draft for manual publishing later.

WordPress Bulk Article Importer Plugin requires a self-hosted WordPress installation (any version).



ContentChoices Membersip Recap

ContentChoices Club Membership

Here’s what you’ll get with ‘ContentChoices DFY Content Club’ membership:

  • Online Content Database – you will have full access to over 230,000+ (and growing!) articles in our database that can be used to build your own niche sites or to expand on sites you already own.
  • Online Database Search – your search for content is facilitated by targeted keyword search along with advanced search option so you can always find exactly what you need.
  • Free Future Content Updates – We add NEW articles (500+) into our database every single month. These articles are in 25+ niche markets that are in-demand.

Plus you get:

  • How To R.E.W.R.I.T.E. a PLR Article Premium Training Manual (worth $67)
  • Big Content Goldmine PLR Articles Package (worth $197)
  • WordPress Bulk Article Importer Plugin (worth $67)



Don’t Miss This INCREDIBLE Opportunity Because Every Smart Business Builder Needs A Content!


As a ‘ContentChoices DFY Content Club’ member, you’ll be among the elite in marketing who can effortlessly create content and attract hungry and loyal customers.

Act now and eliminate all the hard work and expensive costs of creating your own content!


I’m sold! What’s it gonna cost me?

The good news is that if your order today, you will get full access to ‘ContentChoices DFY Content Club’ plus all the bonuses listed on this page for a low one-time investment of just,


Regular Price: $497

Today Only: $197 $97

SAVE $100

One-Time Payment

Use Coupon Code: CC100SPD

This special discounted price is only available for a very limited time.
Grab your membership access now!

☑ I agree with the terms and conditions.

Order Now


Compatible with 
No Download or Installation Required
Instant Access Available


It’s going to help your business out by SAVING YOU TIME & MONEY – And we’re guaranteeing it. But hurry, this low price will be available only for the next 100 54 buyers, so order now to claim yours…



License Terms: What You Can & Can’t Do With These Content?

You can:

  • [YES] Can Be Packaged
  • [YES] Can Be Offered As a Bonus
  • [YES] Can Be Added As Web Content
  • [YES] Can Be Used For Product Creation
  • [YES] Can Be Added To a Paid Membership
  • [YES] Can Be Used As Autoresponder Series
  • [YES] Can Be… The Limit Is Your Imagination
  • [YES] Can I Also……………………….YES )

You cannot:

  • [NO] Can Be Given Away For Free
  • [NO] Can sell Resale Rights
  • [NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
  • [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights.

Important: You are not allowed to create a PLR product that competes with ContentChoices DFY Content Club.


Use Coupon Code: CC100SPD

☑ I agree with the terms and conditions.

Order Now


Compatible with
No Download or Installation Required
Instant Access Available




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